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What is a Cloud Backup?

A managed, online, or remote backup service, sometimes also sold as cloud backup or virtual backup, is a web-based service that gives users a data storage and backup program for their computer files. Many online backup services are hosted by third parties. Online services that use remote servers to back up and restore files often have a cost-per-usage fee. Cloud services, by contrast, use an online data storage and backup application, which are free to use.

In terms of cloud storage services offer, some of the features include: an ability to schedule regular, daily, weekly, or monthly backups; the ability to create different versions of documents and data; the ability to access files from any location; and a feature that allows you to determine how much data is actually being used on your computer. Some cloud backup services offer automatic backups of documents and data. These backups are not realtime backups, however, as they are only carried out when the user specifically requests them. They are, instead, copies of the document or data that have been stored in the cloud since the last time the document was modified. Real time backups, on the other hand, are those that are carried out when computer systems experience sudden system changes that affect the information that is stored in the system.

You can use e.g. Google Docs to create documents and work automatically in spreadsheets on any Mac, PC or smartphone. Google Drive is an online application that allows you to upload your work directly from your PC to a particular person’s Drive account. Work can be carried out on an empty drive by the work computer or even a smartphone. This means that e.g. if you are travelling and needed to make a data backup of your laptop so that you can carry it on, you can simply use Google Docs to do this and sync your documents with the Drive account.

Google Apps for business customers offers several online backup services for free. These are mainly desktop apps that can be installed on any Windows or Linux-based machine. Online file backup is usually referred to as DAS, which stands for “direct access storage”. DAS-based cloud storage systems give users the ability to access data remotely via the internet.

The most popular online backup services are also the most expensive. The most costly service is the Glacier storage system that stores email, contacts and calendar. This system stores all the information remotely, but is only accessible by the company that created it, and not by the individual user. The other backups are more readily accessed by the individual user, but they are less secure and are therefore typically not recommended.

A Cloud Backup service can be very useful in a number of different situations. An online backup system is ideal for storing and backing up documents, production information, and even software and hardware. It is especially useful in a production site because it allows an enterprise to quickly view the state of their storage systems and figure out what is going wrong. Using a Cloud Backup service in addition to security and recovery procedures can help ensure the long term health of any production site.

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